Monday, February 8, 2010


Annihilate - to destroy completely
Usage - The tiger on hills annihilated a large number of people.
Link1 - Annihilate ~ Eliminate; So to ELIMINATE someone completely from your life.. means to kill them.
Link2 - The police said to a group of terrorists,"If anyone hila(move)...I will destroy him.".

Annul - make void
Usage - The contract was annulled.
Link - an + nul ~ so to nullify something means to make it zero or to make it void.

Anodyne - drug that relieves pain or trouble
Usage - It is harmful to eat too many anodynes.
Link - After dining with Anu, I have to take an anodyne to lessen pain in my dick.

Anoint - to put oil on
Usage - The young prince was anointed by the cardinal.
Link - an + oint ~ ointment; ointment ~ oil; some oil applied to hair.

Anomaly - deviation
Usage - The astronomers studied the anomaly of the moon.
Link - anomaly ~ a (not) + nomaly (normally); someone who is not normal and hence abnormal or deviating from general.

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