Sunday, December 27, 2009


Abet - to help or encourage somebody to do something wrong
Usage - He abetted him in stealing a bat.
Link -  a+bet ; a bet generally assists you to do something wrong.

Abeyance - temporary suspension
Usage - Legal proceedings are in abeyance.
Link1 - Interpret it as opposite of obey+ance -- not obeying the given orders and suspend the work.
Link2 - He said to me," Abe answer de...don't keep this in abeyance."
Link3 - A-BEYOUNCE(singer)Singer BEYOUNCE's concert was suspended due to riots.

Abhor - to hate somebody/something
Usage - I abhor this violence against Indian students.
Link - a + bhor (bore).. a bore person is always rejected. Many people generally abhor a bore person.

Abject -  wretched, showing utter resignation or hopelessness
Usage -  Many people in India still live in abject poverty.
Link1 - Abject sounds like Reject...hopeless person is always rejected.
Link2 - Ab jacket is in abject condition.
Link3 - My laptop rom got wretched as soon as I EJECTED it and I lost all the pride for my laptop.

Abjure - to give up publicly.
Usage - Kareena Kapoor abjured all calorie loaded sweets to become size-zero.
Link1 -  abjure ~ ab (away) + jure (jury). He abjured (rejected, moved away from) her earlier statements in front of jury.
Link2 - Ab jor se kaha...I will abjure this belief.


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