Saturday, December 26, 2009


Abase - to lower down, degrade
Usage -  His maths teacher abased him in front of the whole class when he failed in his course.

Link - a + base; without a base; Imagine you shifted to a new house whose base is not very strong (without base) and hence it may fall down anytime and can abase you in front of your neighbors.

Abashed -  embarrassed, ashamed or feel guilty
Usage - I was abashed when a strange girl came and proposed(to me) on a busy road.

Link1 - What happens when u get a bash? (bashing)....u get embarrassed.
Link2 - Unabashedly Mallika shehrawat was talking about sex.

Abate -  to become less strong
Usage - Rather than leaving immediately, we waited for the storm to abate.

Link - A man said to Adnan sami," ab ate mat kar..bahut kha liya...abate your weight."

Abdicate - to give up such as power etc.
Usage -  Home minister has to abdicate his duties after huge failure at Mumbai blast case.

Link - ab+dicate dicate sounds like dictator. Dictator is an authoritarian ruler who has lot of power. To remember better,ab normal is opposite to normal.So,abdicate is opposite to dictator (ie)losing power.

Aberrant - unusual or not socially acceptable
Usage -  The fish did not display any aberrant behavior when returned to water.

Link - ab (away) + err (error) + ant : focus on ERR and ANT. Ants normally move together in a queue. imagine all these ants moving randomly like a group of honey bees. That would be abnormal behaviour.

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