Friday, September 18, 2009

1st list

I have found some more words with their links so that they can be learned without arduous efforts...

  • Extirpate - to remove unwanted waste 
           Link - Mr. Sharma is working hard to reduce his extra pate('pate' is a hindi word to tummy)

  •  Saturnine -  unfriendly and serious
            Link - People living at saturn people are saturnine

  •  Palatable - tasty
            Link - pehli table pe jo khana ata hai woh tasty hota hai (when a new restraunt is opened,  food served at first table is tasty)

  •   Scrupple - hesitate
             Link - Gabbar didn't scruppled to cut Thakur's hands.

  •   Parcimony - miser,skinflint
             Link - Kanjoos Seth always keep money in their purse (they don't spend it).

I hope it helped you to learn these difficult words easily....I m trying to find more words,in meanwhile if you found some more please post them as comments...


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Anonymous said...

Great list..

bits said...

Hey great work...simly awsome

Abhishek Aggarwal said...

Mr. Sharma is trying to extirpate his extra "pate".

D A'bad diva ..."Hey listen!! " said...

It's Parsimony :) please correct it. And good work, liked ur blog :)