Monday, September 21, 2009

5th list

  • Spry  - very active and nimble
          Link - Parai's (someone else's) wife always look spry

  • Stagger - walk with unsteady steps
          Link - After drinking he staggered.

  • Cabal - small group of people secretly united to promote their own interests
          Link - Cabal of bald people planning to pull other's baal(hair)

  • Cadence - intonation
          Link - dance on cadence of this voice

  • Propinquity - state of being near in space or time
          Link - People prefer Kashmere gate because of its propinquity to metro

Please post your comments. Next time I will come up with words with drawings as their links.

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Anonymous said...

ThanQ very much..
-Sachin ( )